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Read the testimonies of one of many midwives and what some of our other users say about the Fertility Tracker:


I am a midwife who has recently moved to the UK. I purchased the fertility tracker about a year ago, and think it is a great product, non-invasive and empowering for women. I would be very interested in distributing the fertility tracker in the UK and Ireland. I feel my background as a midwife would be an asset when talking with customers.

Michelle S-L

Hello again!

I’m just writing to thank you.   In only one and a half months of using your fertility tracker, we have conceived!   It was so easy to use and so reliable.   I was very surprised at the results.   We had been trying to conceive for about nine months, so this was truly a God send.   I will definitely be spreading the word about your fertility tracker!   Thanks again so very much and God bless.


At first when I started using it, all I saw was a mess of what looked like cells.   It was very frustrating cause I didn’t see any ferning.  I started doing a shutdown* last cycle and low and behold there was ferning!  My estrogen must have been out of control even though I didn’t have excess cm, water retention, breast discomfort or any of the other high estrogen symptoms. Again this cycle I started pro cream on day 5 and on day 12,  I had picture perfect ferning. I was so proud! Unfortunately, still no baby, but at least I can see visible improvement.


For the first time in my life, I saw ferning. I tried one of those lipstick-sized saliva microscopes and never saw anything but dots. With the FertilityTracker, I saw ferning. I’m now a proud mom of a healthy, beautiful baby boy!  (Maida also did a shut down 2ce and has another beautiful little boy now.)


I’m pregnant!!!!  Thanks to you, fertility tracker, charting my BBT’s this month!  So even though my temps are lower than the average, they are normal for me.  My est due date online is Sept 2003.  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth  –  Below is Elizabeth’s original email after purchase.

Just wanted you to know that I received the ‘Fertility Tracker’ this morning and thank you so much for all your help. I tried the Fertility Tracker, just to get the hang of it because my fertile time is next week, and it’s SO easy to use and I could clearly see the results and they were right on with where I’m at in my cycle.  I’ve already started recommending the Tracker to many people I know who are trying to conceive, and many women I know who will be trying for another baby in a few years. Thanks again, I really appreciate it. I wish I’d known about ‘saliva’ testing a year ago, I just heard about it for the first time on the show ‘Berman and Berman’ and previously I was using the Clearplan Fertility Monitor, which in my opinion is not always accurate, and you can’t test whenever you want, like the Tracker. Again, whether this Tracker works for us or not, it’s worth a try and the cost was great and not having to buy testers is fantastic!                             Elizabeth’s first email.

To whom it may concern,

I had a baby boy in October 2001 (my second). Your method of tracking was an answer to a prayer. I don’t do well with hormonal treatments and IUDs were really bad. For the last eight months I haven’t had a period and my slides only showed dots and chards of glass looking things. They would get closer together then go back to dots never ferns. So 2 1/2 weeks ago I got ferns (for three days) and I just got my first period.  (Gina also chose to do the shutdown for a healthier baby while using the Fertility Tracker.)


*for information on the shutdown spoken of here, go to — the purpose of the progesterone cream was to offset the excess estrogen to allow ovulation to occur.   For the shutdown click HERE.

These are individual results and may not be the experience of all those using the FertilityTracker®