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Saliva Hormone Tests

What is crucial for optimal health is to insure that your hormones are in balance, and you can start by performing a saliva hormone test.  A saliva hormone test provides you with a convenient, cost-effective way to find out if you are lacking specific hormones that are causing you to feel a certain way (e.g., tired all of the time, hungry, stressed-out, etc.) or preventing you from conceiving a baby.  A hormone imbalance can greatly impact the quality of your life.

Most people who are suffering from symptoms of a hormone imbalance will go to their doctor and have it checked out.  For example, a woman suffering from fibrocystic breasts whose symptoms are getting progressively worse understands that as she approaches menopause it is probably due to a hormone imbalance.  Often, she wants to verify this hormonal imbalance and get some relief from the symptoms that she is experiencing.  Also, a man who suffers from fatigue and a low sex drive will often will seek hormone testing as a way to determine if he has a  testosterone imbalance.

While there is little question that hormonal imbalances are a driving force that compels individuals to get their hormones tested, the cost of going to their doctor and doing so is not always prudent.  Moreover, blood (serum) hormone testing often is stressful, and the stress of a blood draw can sometimes even alter the result. This is when a home saliva hormone test becomes quite beneficial.   Saliva collection is easy and can be completed anywhere, at any time and at a much lower cost.  Today, thousands of men and woman world-wide are testing their hormone levels in the comfort of their own homes.

Home Saliva Hormone Tests

Saliva hormone testing can now easily be completed with home test kits like ZRT Labs.  ZRT Labs home saliva hormone test kits reveal how well your body is doing its job and can help you detect problem areas.  You can use a ZRT Labs test kit in the comfort of your home and have the results back within just a week or two.  To order or for more information about ZRT Labs hormone saliva test kits, or similar products, click on the link at the left.