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The Fertility Tracker at only $44.95 is the easiest to understand of fertility detection ovulation monitors available today.

Wake up

The Fertility Tracker is simple to use.  There are no complicated directions to follow and focusing is very easy.

  • Simply wake up in the morning and before eating or
    drinking anything….

Fertility Tracker 100x microscope

  • Take a slide from the case of 6 acrylic slides.
  • Place some saliva on the slide (in the circle) by
    using your fingertip or simply licking the slide
    Please note that putting too much or too little will
    result in a poor reading.  Simply make sure that
    you do not have air bubbles and that the slide is
    covered but not saturated.
  • Make sure that you are using your Fertility
    Tracker first thing in the morning before eating or drinking.

Fertility Tracker with slide

  • Wait for the slide to dry completely and place it,
    as shown, under the holding clips.

Look into the Fertility Tracker

  • Turn on the microscope on by sliding the on/off
    switch into place.
  • Look through the eyepiece on top and note the
    patterns of your slide.  Do not wash slide but save
    to review in the days following.NOTE: The booklet
    includes many patterns for you to match your
    results to and information regarding what might be
    keeping you from conceiving.