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How to Conceive a Baby Boy 

Many people write to us wanting to know how to conceive a baby boy.  This is perfectly normally to have a preference, especially if you already conceived a baby girl or girls for that matter.  If you are trying to conceive a baby boy, then you will be glad to know that with the help of a quality fertility monitor, your chances of doing so will be optimized.

The Fertility Tracker is such a fertility monitor. A quality fertility monitor, may be able to help you determine when the best time to conceive a baby boy is during your cycle.  Before your ovulation there is a period of specific times when you are more likely to conceive a baby boy and there are times when you are more likely to conceive a girl.

BabiesframeThis is purely scientific and can even be validated if you look at Jewish laws about the time when a man and woman might come together again after her period of “uncleanliness.”

It has been noted that under certain circumstances, that the endometrium is subject to very specific variations and that these variations indicate when conception of a baby boy is most likely.  As conception is possible just 3 days before ovulation and up to 24 hours after it has begun, the key is pinpointing when a woman has begun ovulation and then pinpointing when the “ferning” period begins before that time.

You can increase your odds of conceiving a baby boy by knowing exactly when it is that the ferning process will begin and having intercourse at the precise time that conception of a baby boy is most likely.  Basically, sperm that creates a boy swims faster than that which creates a girl.  Therefore, in order to have a boy, intercourse should take place a day before ovulation begins.  This is because sperm that creates a girl can last longer but is slower.

If You Really Want to Conceive a Baby Boy

If you really want to raise your chances of conceiving a baby boy rather than a girl, then you need to know well ahead of time when ovulation will occur.  Compared to other monitors, the Fertility Tracker monitor provides you with the most advanced notice of when ovulation will occur.  With the Fertility Tracker monitor, you can pinpoint your fertile days for the conception of a boy.  Best of all, the Fertility Tracker uses your saliva to determine your daily fertility status, so there is no more mess with urine sticks!  To order or for more information about the Fertility Tracker, please click on the links below.


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