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As oestrogen rises toward its peak (in a typical menstrual cycling woman) her mucus membranes produce more salt in the body. This salt is elevated in proportion to the estrogen rise and when dry will form fern like or frost like patterns.   As a woman nears this time of enhanced fertility the patterns forming on a slide would begin to show the coming together of these dots and the beginnings of what is called ferns.  This is the time when one would abstain if not wishing to conceive and begin to “Baby Dance” if wishing to.

As oestrogen comes to a peak these dots disappear and a woman should see a full pattern of ferns with a peak around day 12-13, just prior to ovulation. This is the signal that ovulation is eminent in much the same timing as an ovulation predictor kit would tell.  The difference, of course, is that The Fertility Tracker is a lifetime purchase and is not dependent on any chemical reactions to messy urine.    It is safe; it is clean; it is reusable; and it is a woman’s best friend in fertility tracking.

See How to Use for more exact instructions.

Some recommend a the saliva ferning method to determine if one is ovulating to determine when they should begin Natural Progesterone supplementation with a product such as Cycle Balance Cream (please go to our Infertility Website to find out more about overcoming estrogen dominance through use of this type of product.)