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Women have been looking for pre-ovulatory aids for many years with no success; UNTIL NOW.  Saliva ferning is as old as man but as mentioned in the History Of Saliva Ferning it is only in recent years that this phenomenon has been made known and made available to the public.  (See an example of fertile ferning below.)

The Fertility Tracker was designed with the world of women in mind.

fertility tracker saliva microscope ovulation monitor kit

  • The Fertility Tracker is for women who don’t think abstractly but would like to actually VIEW their ovulation patterns.
  • The Fertility Tracker ovulation microscope is for women using Natural Family Planning seeking the earliest possible evidence of fertility.
  • The Fertility Tracker is for women who struggle with infertility and the high costs associated with it through drugs, herbs and gadgets.
  • The Fertility Tracker is for women who are not comfortable with conventional contraception.
  • The Fertility Tracker is for every women who wants to understand her cycle and body and to use this information in a natural way to aid conception or avoidance through fertility detection.
  • The Fertility Tracker is for women who would like to revisit daily patterns and compare them.

The Fertility Tracker uses your own saliva each day to determine your personal fertility status.  Levels of oestrogen known to rise in the pre-ovulation part of the cycle are seen through the patterns formed on the slide. The Fertility Tracker is the easiest, most affordable way to get the best possible results using saliva ferning methods.

Other pocket size microscopes make offers but The Fertility Tracker has the advantage over them all with it’s powerful 100X illuminated magnification.    This allows one to notice changes in saliva or cervical patterns earlier than the smaller microscopes.  BUT The Fertility Tracker also has the convenience of being small in size yet it is sturdy, as well as reusable, month after month.

Where a pocket microscope has one slide surface The Fertility Tracker comes with a slipcase of 6 slides allowing women to re-view their previous days results. When a woman has a short window of fertility every moment counts. When a woman wants to revisit her results through the coming days; the Fertility Tracker  is the answer.

Saliva ferning

Here is an example of what some might see during a peak fertile time.  Results are unique for each woman,  but similar.

Fertility Tracker $44.95

fertility monitor ovulation tracker