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Hormone Test Kits

Hormones directly and indirectly control all of our body’s processes and hormone test kits can really aid in determining if we have an imbalance.  If we do have an imbalance, many of our body’s processes may be impacted.  There are many hormones in the human body and among the most important is estrogen.  Estrogen is the hormone that makes a woman feel like a woman.

Estrogen modulates the course of both a woman’s menstrual cycle and when she begins menopause.  Thus, an imbalance in estrogen can lead to headaches, weight gain, mood swings, abdominal cramping and PMS.  Moreover, when you are estrogen-deficient, you are at risk for various bone-related conditions and cardiovascular system dysfunction.  Additionally, estrogen has a great impact on ovulation and pregnancy.

Saliva Hormone Test Kits

Knowing your body is key to restoring and maintaining good health.  By using saliva hormone test kits, you will be able to determine what may be causing you not to feel well, get pregnant, or even lose weight.  Saliva hormone test kits can determine active levels of hormones as opposed to blood tests that are unable to distinguish active from inactive hormone levels.

Today, you can use saliva hormone test kits to test and reveal how well your body is doing its job.  You can use saliva hormone test kits for risk prevention, to test for chronic illness and to evaluate physiological function.  BodyBalance is leading the way to helping individuals attain good health with their saliva hormone test kits.  To order or for more information about BodyBalance’s saliva hormone test kits, or similar products, click on the link at the left.