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Hormone Saliva Test

The key to hormones for both men and women is balance, and a hormone saliva test kit can help you achieve this balance.  Hormones are messenger molecules that enter the bloodstream and work to help keep our bodies in balance.  They affect all aspects of our bodies and the way they function.  When our bodies are not in balance, they break down and do not perform the way they should.  A hormone saliva test can tell whether or not an imbalance has occurred.  This is actually what sets the Fertility Tracker apart as a fertility ovulation monitor because saliva is so dependable.

Saliva Can Tell Us A Lot  

ZRTSaliva originates from the salivary glands that are located just under the tongue and along the sides of the mouth.  It is composed of a complex mixture of antibodies, electrolytes, enzymes, hormones and mucins, all of which serve a purpose.  Your saliva can reveal if you are deficient in any of these areas.

When hormone levels are low, you can experience a wide array of illnesses and problems, such as fertility problems, lack of energy and muscle strength, libido problems, menopausal symptoms, bone loss, depression, fatigue, hot flashes, and memory loss and sleep disturbances.  Compared to blood tests, there are numerous advantages to using a hormone saliva test.  The convenience and simplicity of testing your saliva any place or time of day is certainly more advantageous than going to a doctor’s office or clinic to give blood.  Saliva testing is a very state-of-the-art way to test hormone levels and the World Health Organization has endorsed this method for its own testing.

Best Hormone Saliva Test Kit

ZRT Labs offers you the best way to test your saliva in private and accurately.  ZRT Labs specializes in diagnostic saliva tests that evaluate chronic illness, physiological function,  and risk prevention.  Today, ZRT Labs is leading the way in the marketplace for testing your hormone levels at home.  Saliva tests are able to determine active levels of hormones that may affect conception, menstrual cycle, menopause, PMS, muscle and bone development, skin elasticity, muscle mass, sleep patterns and more.  To order or for more information about ZRT Labs hormone saliva test kits, or similar products, visit our store.    Check our prices and you will see we have the best prices on ZRT hormone home test kits.