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Gender Selection

From Hippocrates to today’s geneticists, research has been conducted that will help with gender selection.  Over the past 20 years, many scientific advances have been made that reveal the various natural factors that control the gender selection process.  As great strides have been made in this area of science, today it is not as difficult as you might think when trying to select the gender of your baby.

When ovulation occurs, a woman releases an egg from her ovary.  Once this has occurred, the egg is then capable of being fertilized only during the next few hours.  Strong scientific evidence exists that shows that the ratio of male sperm to female sperm differs in concentration in the female reproduction tract depending upon when they are deposited.  Thus, knowing exactly when ovulation will occur is vital to gender selection.  Coordinating intercourse with ovulation is crucial for conception and the gender selection process.

Making Gender Selection Possible  

Today, fertility monitors like the Fertility Tracker make gender selection possible.  There are about six days in which a woman can conceive and the rise of estrogen and subsequent saliva ferning that occurs can help a woman pinpoint exactly when ovulation takes place.  The Fertility Tracker is an excellent tool for predicting ovulation and greatly increases your chances of conception and selecting the gender of your baby.

During certain periods of a woman’s cycle, the likelihood of conceiving a baby boy or a baby girl at one time or another can be noted with a fertility monitor like the Fertility Tracker.  Unlike basal body temperature charting, the Fertility tracker helps to pinpoint when ovulation will begin, making gender selection possible.  Today, the Fertility Tracker is the easiest, most affordable way to conceive a baby and select the gender. Though nothing is a guarantee, you can intelligently plan what is in your control by monitoring your fertility cycles using the Fertility Tracker.

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