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Fertility Testing and The Fertility Tracker

Before we really get into discussing fertility testing, it is important to understand that it is not so easy as you might think to get pregnant.  Many women spend their entire young lives trying “not” to get pregnant, fearing that even thinking about sex without protection will almost positively insure pregnancy.  As adults, however, we soon realize that having a baby is not so easy as we were led to believe by our parents and teachers.  A healthy couple who are at prime reproductive ages actually only have about a 25% chance of conception during each cycle.  This is where fertility testing comes in.

First of all, as with anything, getting pregnant takes time, but fertility testing can certainly help speed up the time frame.  Fertility testing can help you “know your cycle.”  This is the number one, scientifically proven method of conceiving.  Knowing exactly when it is that you ovulate and having intercourse when you are most fertile are most important for success.  The best way to determine exactly when it is that you ovulate is with a fertility monitor.  Today, there are basically two types of fertility monitors on the market, one that tests your urine for levels of the Luteinizing Hormone and one that tests the levels of estrogen levels and when you are ferning.  The latter is known as a saliva fertility tester or fertility monitor and is very effective and a whole lot more convenient than the urine fertility monitors.

Fertility Testing With Saliva Fertility Monitors

Fertility testing with a saliva fertility monitor makes knowing what days you are most fertile just minutes away.  These monitors are ideal for women with both regular and irregular menstrual cycles.  Saliva fertility monitors have proven to be as much as 98% accurate and can actually predict when you are ovulating up to five days in advance.  Best of all, with saliva fertility monitors you do not have to worry where you are and you do not have to handle any urine.  Let’s face it, if you had a normal cycle with everything going smooth you wouldn’t be searching for gadgets to help you achieve.  The Fertility Tracker also comes with email support after the sale.

The way saliva fertility monitors work is simple.  They detect hormonal changes that occur prior to and during ovulation.  As estrogen levels increase, ferning or crystal patterns will be able to be viewed.  These patterns indicate that ovulation is about to take place.  When instructions are followed, saliva fertility monitors are up to 98% accurate for predicting ovulation and in helping with gender selection.  Today, the most effective and convenient saliva fertility monitor is the Fertility Tracker.