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Fertility Articles

Fertility tracking informational articles Choose from an article below and check back often as we are adding and revising regularly. 

  • Conceive a Baby Boy – The tips and science of conceiving a baby boy.
  • Conceive a Baby Girl – Tips and science of conceiving a baby girl.
  • Trying to Conceive – Where to start when you are trying to conceive but don’t where to begin.
  • Gender Selection – General information on the how to’s of planning for / conceiving that special baby girl or boy.
  • Fertility Monitor – What is so special about fertility monitors and why OUR Fertiliy Monitor; the Fertility Tracker.
  • Why Saliva Testing – Considering testing your hormones? Let us explain why one fertility testing method is recommended over another.
  • Fertility Testing – How to test your fertility using a monitor or saliva hormone test kit.
  • Fertility in General – The need to know fertility tips and tricks of conceiving; TTC – Trying to Conceive.
  • Ferning – What is ferning and why depend on ferning to track your fertility for natural family planning or conceiving a baby.
  • Natural Family Planning – Did you know that you can use your Fertility Tracker saliva fertility monitor as an aid to natural family planning?
  • Best Time to Conceive – When is the best time to conceive? Find out more about the timing when trying to conceive.
  • Most Fertile Days – If you don’t understand about your most fertile days it only gets harder to know when you might conceive.  If you are trying to conceive a baby boy or girl, this is even more important to know exactly which days you are most fertile.
  • Fertile Times of the Month – Again, it is important to find out when your most fertile times of the month are or otherwise you are making love but not making babies.

Keep watching for more articles and products to help you on your way to conception and or Natural Family Planning.  Blessings to you, Brenda Albano