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Fertile Time of the Month

If you are trying to figure out when your fertile time of the month is, you can count back 12 to 16 days from when your next period is due.  This will provide you with a range of days when you are probably going to ovulate.  This, however, will not necessarily give you accurate results.  Moreover, if you are one whose period fluctuates, then identifying your most fertile time of the month is not so simple.  Most products today assume, in their literature, that women have regular cycles and yet these are not the women who are seeking fertility aids and monitors.

whentogetpregnantcalendarTo begin, the best way to determine your most fertile time of the month is to first start paying attention to your body.  You need to learn to spot the signs that indicate that you will begin to ovulate.  For instance, as your cycle progresses, your body will begin releasing higher levels of estrogen.  As this occurs, your cervical mucus will increase in volume and change in texture. You most likely have noticed clear liquid during this time but might not have known it was connected to your fertility.  It is considered that a woman’s most fertile time of the month occurs when her mucus becomes clear, stretchy and slippery.  By pulling it apart between pointer finger and thumb you can test your own fertile mucus.  It is simple but that is not the whole story.

A Better Way to Determine Your Most Fertile Time of the Month

If you are frustrated with trying to figure out on your own when your most fertile time of the month is, then you should consider getting a fertility monitor.  A fertility monitor is the most effective way to determine when it is exactly that you will ovulate.  Today, fertility monitors can predict with up to 98% accuracy as to when you are most fertile.

One of the leading fertility monitors on the market today is the innovative saliva fertility monitor, The Fertility Tracker.  The Fertility Tracker uses your saliva in order to determine your personal fertility days each month.  It monitors your body’s levels of estrogen and helps you pinpoint when it is that you will begin to ovulate.  Unlike other saliva ferning fertility monitors, the Fertility Tracker comes with 6 reusable acrylic slides, allowing you to compare past days.