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When God gives you lemons…

Ever heard of the saying “When God gives you lemons…”?

Fertility Tracker was born out of a lot of pain and loss.  I suffered 7 unexplained miscarriages and when I discovered why I set out to share it with the world. 

Then I came to realize that helping couples GET pregnant needed to be just as much the goal as STAYING pregnant. LEMONS!  I took my pain and applied it to just that; helping couples conceive and carry – naturally and safely. was our first site teaching couples to conceive, against the odds and even after trying in-vitro and infertility drugs.  We taught them cleanse, detox and build their bodies to be ready to safely conceive.  During this time I read about saliva ferning.  I was fascinated and noticed that there were plenty of gadgets out there but none came with the support – how to READ the results and understand the results.  I gave away 30 fertility trackers to the online support group I hosted, and asked them to report daily on what they saw.  We added it to everything we knew about infertility and charted temps to match it all up.

The Fertility Tracker was born.

So our saliva microscope is only part of the picture here.  Having more slides allows you to look back and previous results and compare.  The higher magnification allowed anyone trying NOT to conceive/to prevent.

COMING soon. Fertility Tracker 2X; a stronger microscope for those using the Fertility Tracker for Natural Family Planning. See your patterns even more upclose and personal. Many couples feel even safer knowing that they are seeing the patterns as soon as absolutely possible.


Introducing the Fertility Tracker saliva ferning method of tracking ovulation, pregnancy, and monitoring your fertility cycles.

The Fertility Tracker –  Fertility Tester, Monitor, Saliva Ovulation Predictor Kit all rolled into one simple to use, non invasive, reusable, reliable and versatile unit.

The Fertility Tracker is used for Natural Family Planning and Tracking Fertility; month after month. The Fertility Tracker comes complete with 44 page booklet, carrying case, 2-AA batteries installed and 6 reusable slides

The Fertility Tracker also comes with FREE ongoing email support and more for only $44.95.  We know ferning, fertility, infertility and natural family planning.  Our business is about your needs; not our sales.

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