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Trying to Conceive

Up until now, you probably never thought much about how conception works, but now that you are trying to conceive, it is important that you understand a few facts.  First of all, women and men are different and as individuals, they have their own chemical makeup.  This chemical makeup determines how easily the woman can get pregnant and how easily the man can impregnate the woman.

While we all believe that we know the basics when trying to conceive, when you are having trouble getting there, than you need to start educating yourself more.  The truth of the matter is that getting pregnant is not always an easy task.  If you are in good health, however, your chances of getting pregnant are much better.  Before you even begin trying to conceive, it is important that you review a few things about yourself, how you live, and how these things may or may not impact your getting pregnant.

Before Trying to Conceive

positivepregnancytestIt is always best when deciding to have a baby that you get a physical exam.  As mentioned, being in good health will maximize your chances of conception.  Ask your doctor to run any tests that might be helpful should things not go as well as you hope.

Secondly, there are some factors that reduce the chances of conception.  Smoking may reduce your chances as will being underweight as well.  Women who are closer to their recommended weight have a better chance of getting pregnant than those who are not.

Additionally, caffeine appears to lower the chances of getting pregnant.  Thus, it is best to lower your consumption of any products that contain caffeine when trying to conceive.  Most importantly, avoid stress.  High levels of stress are known to reduce the chances of conception and, therefore, stressful situations should be avoided (even work-related) when trying to conceive.

Once you have made the appropriate changes in your life so that you can become pregnant, you should then begin trying.  If you have difficulty or you want to improve your chance of getting pregnant right away, then you should take advantage of the Fertility Tracker and consider the book by Toni Weischler called Taking Charge of Your Fertility.  I can recommend no book more highly.

The purpose of the Fertility Tracker is to help you “pinpoint” when ovulation will occur; thus improving your chances of conception as soon as possible.   Considering that most women do not know even the basics of their cycles or even if they ovulate, you are in good hands with the Fertility Tracker on your night stand.

We have many helpful articles on our under our articles section.  For some we recommend doing what is called a cleansing shutdown or “cleansing for TTC.”  We have been helping couples to overcome infertility problems since 1995 and would love to do the same for you if possible.  Our methods are natural and do not include invasive allopathic medicine, fertility drugs or fertility procedures.  We simply teach you how to clean up your body in preparation for your little one.  The best way to love your baby is to give him a healthy start to life.