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How The Menstrual Cycle Works

What does the term menstrual cycle mean? When you are talking about the menstrual cycle you need to think about the different terms first.

It is called the menstrual cycle because of menses or menstruation.  Menstruation for instance the actual bleeding in the menstrual cycle.

When we say menstrual cycle, we are talking about the time from the first day flow, of cyclic bleeding to the first day of the next cycle’s bleeding.   The first day of your period, Aunt Flow, friend, bleeding etc, whatever you wish to call is is Day 1 of your cycle.   When bleeding stops, ovulation is complete and you begin to bleed again, usually 28 – 32 days later, you are starting the Day 1 of the next cycle.  There is always a Day 1 but that is the only number we can count on since cycles vary in length.whentogetpregnantcalendar

Within each cycle there are different parts.  The cycle is broken into two main parts.  The first is the Follicular Phase and the second half is called the Luteal Phase.   The Follicular Phase is when follicles grow into a mature egg before ovulation.  The Luteum Phase includes luteinizing Hormone (LH), ovulation, implantation and the progesterone dominant part of the cycle.

Most books define a typical cycle, rather than a “normal cycle” so as not to offend. We prefer the term ‘healthy cycle’, but will use the term typical cycle for ease here.   To begin with let’s talk about a healthy cycle in order to understand how the menstrual cycle works and later explain a non-typical, unhealthy cycle.

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